Seaholm and Derby Choirs 

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IB Musical Links Investigation 

The Musical Links Investigation is an independent media script of no more than 2,000 words comparing the relationship between two identifiable and distinct cultures. The student will analyze and report on one, or more, musical pieces from each distinct culture/time period. In addition, these examples should share one, or more, inherent link(s) that can be explored in sufficient musical depth. This component offers the opportunity for the students to use contemporary methods of communication by presenting the investigation as a media script or a research paper.

The most important key to the Musical Links Investigation is establishing links between the two different musical cultures discussed in the assignment. This is NOT a compare and contrast paper, the assignment is to LINK the two cultures by finding commonality and connectivity between the two very distinct pieces.

A large factor in the grading of this project is ORIGINALITY and CREATIVITY. Discuss with your peers, instructor(s), and other musical mentors and come up with something that will be memorable for the IB examiner.