Seaholm and Derby Choirs 

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Our Team Goals-

It is my goal as your I.B. Music Instructor to teach you how to LISTEN to music, and how to EVALUATE what you are hearing. My end goal is NOT to get you a score of 7 from the I.B. in this course. It is to shape your minds, and to open your worlds to the world of music history and music theory that is out there. If you learn the skills I teach in this class you CAN achieve a great final score from the I.B. in this course.

More than anything, in this class, I want you to learn to use your BRAIN as well as your fantastic music education to evaluate and consider all the possible options when it comes to a piece of music. Don’t think about the RIGHT answer versus the WRONG one... Think of an idea or an answer to the question at hand, and be able to come up with SCHOLARLY words that back up your opinion/view point. There are a million ways to explain anything.  It’s just about finding good language, and justifying your views. HAVE FUN!